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Resolving Your Collection Disputes Responsibly

Chimko & Associates, P.C. can give you a solution, whether it's an immediate collection lawsuit or a “soft collection”, for a period of time prior to the suit. You can rely on us to conform to your ideas together with ours to make sure we work with the most effective solution. Based upon client retention and collection portfolio income growth, we're proud of our more than 35% annual growth over the past 6 years in this department!

Chasing your debtors efficiently till the last penny

Trying to get your debtors to pay up what they owe you like responsible citizens? Count on our over 40 years of experience to help you. Our collection clients retain the firm on a contingency fee in addition to the costs. We even offer a FREE consultation.

Working with the perfect customized plan

Throughout the entire process, our attorneys and staff will support you by making themselves readily accessible. You can depend on us to be mindful of timely returning calls or emails to make sure you're served efficiently. We also understand that a successful representation is not entirely limited to paging through legal documents and court appearances. Do take a look at our collection and bankruptcy services to learn more.

Representing your case with conviction

Count on our skilled attorneys to take time to listen to you and prepare a customized plan that specifically caters to your unique needs. At Chimko & Associates, P.C. we understand that no plan can be set into motion without a successful attorney-client relationship.

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This is a generalized list of the debt collection process. Before reviewing this process here area  few points to consider:

•   All claims are somewhat unique and may not necessarily follow this pattern.

•   Time frames are purposefully omitted because of the uniqueness and handling of each claim.

•   Not included in this list is the fact that at any point in the collection process the debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy the debt.

•   We can accommodate special handling requests.

•   We provide timely updates on claims as there are developments.

•   With regard to payment, when the payment is received by the Client directly, the Client notifies us immediately and we send them an invoice for our commission. When we receive payment, we remit to the Client within 15 days of the funds clearing our trust account.

•   All claims are handled in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


The Debt Collection Process: Steps for Debt Recovery

•   Account is placed for debt collection. Client sends information on the debt including supporting documentation.

•   Claim is reviewed and the data is entered into our debt collection program

•   Demand letter is sent to debtor

•   Phone contacts begin.

•   We attempt to arrange payment, resolve any disputes and obtain clear commitments on debt resolution.

•   If we obtain payment commitment we work to ensure the payment(s) materialize.

•   If debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt we make final pre-legal collection attempts.

•   The lawsuit is prepared and filed.

•   The complaint is served.

•   Attorneys file for default judgment if no answer is filed by debtor. If an answer is filed the discovery process begins and a trial date is later set.

•   If a judgment is awarded in our favor, attorneys file for a Writ of Attachment.

•   Attorneys attempt to locate and verify debtor assets.

•   Attorneys initiate bank levies/ garnishment orders/ liens/ etc. to satisfy the judgment.