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Handling even the most basic procedures in a bankruptcy case can be challenging to even the most seasoned creditors and non-bankruptcy attorneys. At Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C., our attorneys come with more than 35 years of combined bankruptcy law experience in creditor representation. You can depend on us for exemplary attorney services when you choose us.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 claims are filed in compliance with the varying local rules imposed by each bankruptcy venue. Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C. verifies and monitors each case throughout its entire life until dismissal, conversion to Chapter 7 or discharge. Studies have shown that, without continuous monitoring, more than 20% of the cases will not generate any recovery even though claims were filed. About half of Chapter 13 cases are dismissed. After dismissal, Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C.  resumes the collection efforts.

Chapter 7

By the time you're done with the initial consultation, you will be familiar with the plan of action. The most crucial step that a creditor can take in case of bankruptcy is asserting their rights. Neither the Judge nor anyone else associated with the bankruptcy system will assist a creditor. Talk to us with any questions you might have at 248-284-1661.

Work with us to develop a plan of action

Action is taken on each secured Chapter 7 account to protect the creditor’s security interest. Certain Chapter 7 cases are deemed “Asset” cases by the Court, sometimes months after the case is filed. These cases provide recovery opportunity for unsecured creditors. Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C. files claims in these cases and recovery can be substantial.  A little-used opportunity for recovery by Creditors is pursing the Debtor whom a Creditor believes obtained financing through fraudulent inducement;  Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C. will pursue these opportunities.  


Desirable Outcomes For Creditors in Bankruptcy Cases

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Kratochvil & Chimko, P.C. Bankruptcy Creditor Services Include:

  • Filing Relief from Stay motions for creditors so that secured creditors can proceed with foreclosure on real property, repossession and sale of secured collateral, and/or lawsuits against persons/entities who have filed bankruptcy.

  • Representing creditors in objecting to confirmation of debtors’ proposed Chapter 11 and 13 plans and claims filing for a nominal fee.

  • Representing creditors in bringing all types of adversary proceedings against debtors, including actions to keep debts from being discharged in bankruptcy and actions seeking to deny Chapter 7 debtors any discharge.

  • Preparing and filing proofs of claims for creditors; opposing motions objecting to creditors proofs of claim or we defend proofs of claims previously filed by you.

  • Bringing actions on behalf of a creditor to ask the bankruptcy court to deny the discharge of a debtor where a debtor has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is seeking a Chapter 7 discharge. If the actions of a customer pre-bankruptcy seem less than normal, let us take a look.

  • Bringing actions on behalf of a creditor to ask the bankruptcy court to hold a creditor’s debt “nondischargeable” in the debtor’s bankruptcy case.

  • Defending creditors in preference, fraudulent conveyance and other actions brought against creditors by Trustees, other creditors, and your customer.